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Development Projects / update EQD spin to win game
« on: October 26, 2018, 11:14:00 pm »
Goal of this project is to update the eqd spin to win game.

1. use the new issued EQD token instead of the old in the wallet.
2. Update the look and feel a bit so it fits in this current forum better

Estimated work hours: 4

Marketing Projects / Newsletter
« on: October 03, 2018, 07:08:16 pm »
Manage the bimonthly newsletter. 

Create content for the newsletter.

For more details please send an email to

Member Benefits / Benefits
« on: September 11, 2018, 05:05:41 pm »
Member benefits are hypothetical at this point until the network is big enough to use.  With each new member comes a pledge to accept a specific amount of eQuid per month.  This limit protects members from ending up with more eQuid than they can spend.  The ultimate goal is to grow the network to the point where limits are no longer needed.

Both Individual and Business members will want to set their pledge based on where they know they can spend their eQuid.  As the network expands pledge amounts can be raised and in the process is a measurable increase in the value of the network.  I am suggesting the minimum pledge to be $500 for US members and it is the goal of the member to find or enlist new members so this amount can be spent each month.  For example businesses can encourage employees and vendors to join the network so they can use the eQuid they receive from customers to pay for labor and materials.  Individuals can reach out to local businesses so they can buy the things they need with the small amount they have.  For example vendors at farmers markets or restaurants or other mom and pop businesses and service providers.

The benefits increase as the network grows.  The immediate benefit to businesses is exposure for bringing in new business.  Becoming a member can be leveraged in advertising, marketing and businesses will be visible in the directory.  When the network is big enough a busienss will benefit from reduced employee benefit costs, reduced employee training, a better supply of skilled workers, and the potential to generate new business by participating in projects.  Projects have the potential to recession proof a small business.

Short term benefits to individuals include the opportunity to earn a little extra money by participating in projects.  Long term benefits once the network is big enough include affordable dental care, healthcare, paid job training, jobs available for anyone who needs to earn a living.

The other benefits that everyone shares include the security of knowing someone has your back, the security of knowing you can earn a living wage at any time and the peace of mind knowing that eQuid is funding projects that facilitate putting back more than we take.

Marketing Projects / Content Marketing
« on: September 03, 2018, 07:38:49 pm »
This is a project for content marketing and is flexible and open to proposals.  The goal is to bring in new users.  People who can participate in projects, businesses who can pledge to accept eQuid and others who can help get the ball rolling by buying eQuid from those who are earning it but can't afford to hold it.

Marketing campaigns will be compensated based on results and will be determined on a case by case basis.  A project might be as small as writing a single article or a bigger campaign managing many writers and posting on social media. 

To get involved simply define what you intend to do, the time it will take, and how you propose to be compensated.  When the project is approved by the community a payment schedule will be set up and you are on your way.

eQuid Constitution / eQuid decentralized organizational format and rules
« on: August 21, 2018, 08:40:51 pm »
eQuid has 7 board members.  Board members are brought in by other board members and need a 51% approval to be instated and must maintain a 51% approval rating from the community to remain on the board.  The board is responsible for setting the goals and course of action based on data collected by the organization and community feedback.  The board is also responsible for choosing a CEO.

The CEO is responsible for implementing the plan put forth by the board.  The CEO chooses the team required to get the job done.  The CEO and team members need to maintain a 51% approval rating from the community to keep their position.

Tokens in the eQuid network need to be earned into existence and do something good for people, the planet or both.  A 51% approval rating needs to be maintained to stay in the network.  A maximum of 10% of coin creation can be used for token administration.  1% of all tokens created are paid to the eQuid administration for network development and maintenance.  Organizations that manage tokens for the network are called coin operators.  Coin operators are responsible for maintaining the token and ensuring the project owners are doing what they say the will do.  They are also responsible for ensuring project owners get paid.

Projects are any task that is approved by the community.  Project Owners clearly define what they will do, how it is good for people or the planet, how long it will take, and how much manpower it will take at what cost.  Projects can be submitted to the community on this forum and promoted to get community approval.  Once approved the coin operators create a contract and pay the project owner based on milestones. 

The community is broken into several categories based on location.  the categories are global, national,  state, and city.  Coins and projects have different approval requirements based on the size of the geographical area they effect.   

eQuid Mandate / Mandate
« on: August 21, 2018, 08:18:07 pm »
The purpose of eQuid is to be a social network that uses innovative money systems and blockchain tecknology to improve quality of life and put back more than we take through investing in human and natural resources.

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